Hag Storm by Victoria Williamson – Cranachan Publishing

Published by Pokey Hat / Cranachan Publishing

A book for Halloween…

‘Did you just declare war on me, you wee bogle?’

Hag stones. Stones, usually pebble like, with naturally occurring holes through them.

https://www.thesimplethings.com/blog/hag-stones :

Hag stones, as they are properly called, have been enchanting the folk of Britain for centuries, often literally. They’ve often been believed to have magical properties and to be able to mysteriously ward off witches and other ne’er-do-wells. 

It’s all in the hole, you see. The theory goes that only good things can pass through a hole, so while good fortune and good wishes will find you through a hag stone, bad luck and evil thoughts are too big to be able to pass through the hole and become stuck in the middle. This belief may be bolstered by the centuries old belief that magic cannot work on moving water. So, since the hole in a hag stone was created by moving water, it works as a sort of ‘shield’ against spells and the like.

I like language and this combines language with a gorgeous story of witches and witchcraft, spells and enchantments.

‘I know you are, you big bletherskate…’

When Rab finds a hag stone he see something strange as he looks through the hole in the middle.

Through the stone, the sky to the west looked bruised and blood-tinged, and the air from the sea held a salty chill. He was just about to drop the stone, when a black-robed figure crossing the fields in the distance caught his attention…

Atmospheric, beautifully written and a fantastic tale of revenge and witches…

Really is brilliant.

I suspect that Victoria lives in Scotland – a little far to ask to come down to London. If, however, she is ever down this way – I hope we will be able to organise a signing of some sort.

This might be a book set in 1771 in Scotland and so a title usually to be found north of the boarder – but it has found a home in Waterstones O2 – it’s wonderful.

So, all you wee bogles out there, do visit us and we will sell you this fantastic book…

Due to be published on the 30th October – just in time for Halloween!