Faber & Faber

Alwyn Hamilton dropped into my branch a couple of days ago and offered to sign copies of this. I hadn’t been aware of it (apart from the very striking  cover), but was happy for her to do so – after all it is lovely to have a signed book.

I picked it up to read as a result and have had a glorious couple of days submerged in a desert world with immortal horses, Djinn, guns, magic, shape-shifters, adventure of the old style (and best), love, treachery, families, bravery, a hero, well one central one, and a wild ‘blue-eyed bandit’ heroine who doesn’t really know who she is, and of course sand.


An entity in its own right.

A brilliant story of adventure – atmospheric and full of heat, and sand – I can’t not emphasis the sand enough…

Quite extraordinary.

For reasons I have yet to find out, WordPress isn’t allowing me to use the URL’s to down-load pictures at the moment. So this will be posted from here at work (I’m writing this in my lunch hour), and I will add the picture of the cover on my day off – along with some suitably sandy and dune filled illustrations.

Sand is very important in this book.

On searching the Internet for the cover, I have found references to this being the start of a trilogy. If so, that is marvellous. I haven’t quite finished it (page 344 of 358) – and I hope this to be confirmed. Its brilliant.