The Shapeshifter: Finding the Fox

Published by Oxford University Press

I have recently been sent a copy of this book, which was first published in 2006 – a decade ago. It won the Blue Peter Award back in 2010 too.

I remember it being published and also not picking it up to read it for some reason I can’t remember. Embarrassingly it was probably because of the cover, which didn’t entice me. the-shapeshifter-finding-the-foxTen years ago I hadn’t worked out that covers, which can be such a positive addition to a volume can also be misleading.

I really regret not reading this before – it’s wonderful.

This is the story of Dax Jones who at the start of the story is living with an overbearing and rather unpleasant step-mother whilst his father works on the oil rigs. School is as much about avoiding the bullies as a place to learn.

fox-imageWhen he is cornered, frightened and angry, he feels himself changing and things are different for him from then on. As the title indicates Dax is a shapeshifter and finds himself running on four legs, his eyes spotting things in great detail and his nose full of the environment through which he is moving.

The story develops quickly, is full of adventure and is superb – I am really enjoying it. This is another I have decided to review before it is finished. I keep picking it up when I should be doing something else. Any excuse will do.

Oxford University Press sent me this copy as they are going to republish the series with a new cover. The reprint of this volume (the first of five in the series) comes out on the 5th of May – in three days. The picture of the cover, at the start of this post is that of this new edition. The smaller shows the old edition of the books: Finding the Fox, Running the Risk, Going to Ground, Dowsing the Dead, and Stirring the Storm.