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I am so pleased to announce – Peter Bunzl the author of Cogheart is coming on Saturday 13th of August to Waterstone’s Finchley Road O2 (NW3 6LU) to talk about the book. He will also instruct and help customers to make their own zoetrope – which they will then be able to take home with them at the end of the event. This looks to be one of our best events – do come and visit, purchase a signed copy and take home an amazing optical gadget too…

I’m so excited about this one…




Published by Usborne

This a steam-punk of a book! A real joy to read – and I’m loving it. It starts with three stories, slowly being woven together, that of Lily at the beginning of the book, unhappy in a finishing school, and after her Dad goes missing she finds herself under the care of his housekeeper who is not to be trusted… Then there is Robert, the clockmaker’s son, taught by his father to mend anything that is broken, brave and resourceful, especially when it matters and lastly Malkin a sentient and rather glorious character, a fox made of cogs and wheels.

This is set in London in 1896. Servants are mechanicals, known for not having feelings, the objects of derision. If left too long without attention mechanicals can wind-down, to stand stationary – until metal fatigue takes them.

This is glorious – I have only read a third of it – and can’t put it down.

It is something special for the summer.

As I can’t seem to get the cover to import, or whatever the word is, I did some more investigating at home (this post was written in my lunch hour) and found the above – a part illustration from it. As a bonus it seems to be moving. Taken from Peter Bunzl’s site – amazing…if it will continue to work after I have saved it, I will be so pleased…a brilliant illustration for a brilliant book. We will see….the cover is superb…