Published by Chicken House

What percentage of who we believe we are is the result of what we see in the mirror? That face that we see reflected in so many surfaces as we go about our day. That face that we know to be ‘ours’.

This is the story of one girl’s identity as she starts to recover from an accident in which a large part of her face has been destroyed. She questions who she is, even before she is given the chance of a face transplant. The question remains as to how you live with a stranger that looks back at you from the mirror.

Without doubt surgery performs miracles. There are always fundamental questions though about who we are after surgery. This relates the ‘journey’ of one such patient and that question of ‘luck’. How lucky are those of us who survive. Many would say we were unlucky to have had to have the procedures in the first place. For me, I feel that we are unbelievably lucky to have such talented surgeons out there, pushing the limits, answering impossible questions and performing such miracles as this.