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Published by Bloomsbury.

It is most inconvenient, if not to say irresponsible for authors who have written a book that is so good that I would like them to come and have an event at my branch of Waterstones, to be deceased. It doesn’t happen that often – there are many books being promoted written by authors who are still in the land of the living, so that this is, to be honest, a rare occurrence. When it does happen, and I am not aware, it is, as I said, an inconvenience, if not highly irritating.

This is one such. Charming beautifully written and a gift of a book. A spring in a wood that can give ever lasting life. What could be so wrong with that? Initially you wouldn’t think there was, until you give the idea some consideration. 

This is a story of a wood. A kidnap, blackmail and murder. A story of love. It is both charming, whimsical and rather wonderful.

It has the right ending. 

Published by Bloomsbury who have given it some rather enchanting and whimsical boards. It is a hardback, a gift for Christmas and is also rather charming and wonderful too.

It is also inconvenient that WordPress have changed their systems – I can no longer add pictures to the blog which is particularly annoying. I suppose somewhere there is a way to do it – but as yet I have failed, so this post is rather boring. I will work it out one day, but at 21:29 at night it is too late. Just know that this has some rather beautiful boards. Illustrated on the back of the book as well as the front. Beautiful chapter heading illustrations too…

Buy it for Christmas.

NB. I am pleased to say I have managed to get back to the old editing – system and so have been able to illustrate the book – just the front cover, but I feel much more relaxed now. Changes for changes sake, aren’t always the best!


Waterstones Finchley Road Book Festival 2018

The following authors and illustrators are due to visit Waterstones Finchley Road O2 (O2 Centre, Finchley Road, London NW3 6LU) to sign copies of their books.  Both their new publications and some of their back list on Sunday.

CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM HILL / What Manor of Murder / 9 – 12 /     Between 11 & 2 pm

TRACEY MATHIAS / Night of the Party / YA / Between 11 & 2 pm

MAYA LEONARD & CARIM NAHABOO / The Beetle Collector’s Handbook / Author & Illustrator / 9 – 12 / Between 11.15 & 2 pm

CHRISTOPHER SKAIFE (from the Tower of London) / The Ravenmaster / Adult / Between 12 & 2 pm

LINDSAY GALVIN / Secret Deep / YA / Between 12 & 2 pm

CATHERINE BARTER / Troublemakers / YA / Between 1 & 3 pm

JEANNE WILLIS / Frockodile / PICTURE BKS / Between 1 & 3 pm

VERONICA COSSANTELI / The Extincts / 8 & UP / B’ween 1 & 3 pm

DAVID SOLOMONSMy Arch-Enemy is a Brain in a Jar Doctor Who – The Secret in Vault 13 /  9 – 12 / Between 2 & 3.30 pm

MINI GREY / The Last Wolf / PICTURE BOOKS / Between 2 & 4 pm

YUVAL ZOMMER / Big Book of Blue / PICTURE BKS / Between 2 & 5 pm

ANNA JAMES / Pages & Co / 8 UPWARDS / Between 3 & 5 pm

I am sorry this is such a plain post. WordPress have changed my settings – so that it is much too complicated and so this has taken me about three hours to do this. That said, the basic information is here. Though without pictures and not the way I wanted it. Good thing I use the basic system of WordPress. I suppose you get what you pay for. I don’t, but would be very annoyed indeed if I did.

Come and see us on Sunday – it should be superb – lots of authors to talk to and there will be chocolate!

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Published by Simon & Schuster

Adventure awaits the audacious!

Prisoner 513. Prisoner 449. Prisoner 531.

A set of nesting dolls. An empty carpet bag. A mirror.

An ancient curse.

Three Windershins sisters: Fliss, Betty and Charlie.

The Sorrow Isles, three islands: Repent. Lament. Torment.

The Poacher’s Pocket, an inn.

A collapsing tower.

A legend.

Mists, marshes and dampness.

An ‘a bit of an upset‘.

An pipe-smoking inn keeper. A keeper of secrets.

A prison…

Hidden mysteries and boundaries.

A cat named Oi.

A… rat named Hoppit.

Perhaps a turn of a run…a run of bad luck…and

a pinch, just A Pinch of Magic.

This is Michelle’s latest and perhaps her best yet.

Stupendous, dark  and enticing… another fantastic book from

Michelle Harrison.


Another book due out early next year…order your copy now.





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Published by Chicken House

Have you ever heard something drop through the letter box late at night? Noticed someone slipping away into the darkness?

Do you care about hedgehogs? Better known as hedgepigs?

Though often flea ridden, this book proves how valuable they are.

After both her parent’s disappear after a late night delivery, a strange man arrives at their door…

‘Helloo? This is very inconvenient for me, y’know?

I  made certain commitments, regarding the delivery of this message.

Under fierce duress, I might add.

She’s a vicious mare, she is. Begging your pardon obviously.’

He disappeared from view.

A grimy-fingered hand lifted up the letter-box flap, and a beady eye was pressed to it. She gasped and jammed herself back into the coats. 

‘Would that be the wee lady  of the house?

Are ye the daughter? Is that it?’

Keen to find her parents and to discover what has been delivered through the post and even more keen to avoid the strange man who had appeared at her door, Emily leaves home initially to try and find her Dad. He works at the post office, so how hard can that be?

Emily’s mum has always been artistic. Eccentric even. A little odd perhaps. Certainly not usual. Her dad, well he’s quieter, more prosaic, possibly even a bit dull.

Emily mean while is known for many things, including a mouth that sometimes runs away with her…and a love of hedgepigs.

The World of the Midnight Hour and the Night Folk is due out early next year….and looks to be the start of a new and brilliant series…

This is stupendous. EVERYONE should read it…

Not yet published, I’m afraid – but it will be soon. Nearly Christmas now…