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I was talking to a young lady today about this book and how wonderful it is.

I also told her that if I attempted to tell her what happens at the end, I would cry.

I always cry. Whether relating the end of the story, reading the end of the story, or watching it. So much so my colleagues have become used to it.

Do not let this put you off searching for a copy and buying it.

It is a wonderful story of two dogs and a cat who travel across Canada to make their way home to their owners; their loyalty to their family and to each other is probably what makes this such a classic – published in 1961 and still in print. Those are the books that are worth buying.

I think it was Disney who turned it into a film. There was also an American film called Homeward Bound – which is also based on the story.  Please buy the paperback before you see it – if it is still available on DVD or whatever. Your imagination will make the story personal – the film is someone else’s idea of what it was like for them to read it. Not the same thing at all.

The mother of the young lady asked whether I would review the book for her on my blog – and so this post really is for her and anyone else who hasn’t come across the story. I have just searched the web and found some YouTube film which I suppose predictably, has made me cry…again.

All is well though – Pakka has just leapt onto my desk and is making a fuss of me – I now have a keyboard with fur between the keys….