chopra2bbook2bpilePublished by Mulholland Books / Hodder

Elephants are quite extraordinary. Beautiful, intelligent and wise, if a little large. On the day Inspector Chopra retires he finds he has had a small rather depressed Indian elephant left to him by his Uncle with a rather cryptic note that states that

‘…this is no ordinary elephant. Remember, what is real and what is maya, illusion, is only a matter of perspective’.

At the same time he finds himself plunged into a case, that should rightly have been left for his old department to solve. This isn’t something he is willing to allow. At least without his doing a little of the work to support his promise to a young murdered boy’s mother.

I loved this.  I don’t manage to read many ‘Adult’ books, as I concentrate on books for younger readers. They are often the customers who need the most advice and help. Sometimes down to the detail of whether the rabbit/dragon/child survives. so this was an exception to my reading and it was quite charming. In addition it seems there is to be a series of books featuring Inspector Chopra. I will be keeping an eye out for them – to enjoy, just once in a while.