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Published by Oxford University Press

The story of a troubled, young, rich and indulged teenager uprooted from her secure and comfortable life in London and left in the wilds of Kansas on her aunt’s farm. This is a moving, brilliantly written superb tale of growing up, responsibilities and taking on the challenges of disappointment, whilst working towards something important. Life on a Kansas farm is far harder, both physically and mentally than she expects and she is driven to continue her love of dancing out in the wilds, in private, with just a coyote looking on. Dancers should definitely read this…

It is a wonderful book, something for the Summer holidays and one to disappear into – I think it is better than her first book, Dreaming the Bear which is always a very good sign – and something that really pleases me too, it has the right ending – buy it.

On searching the Internet for photographs of the cover, it seems there was a film also called Coyote Summer, released in 1996

This looks to be a better story – I haven’t seen the film though!

Published by Oxford University Press

Not yet published at time of going to Post: February 2016

A touching and extraordinary story about an unbelieveable friendship. I find good  human – animal and animal – human relationships fascinating and extraordinary. Particularly those where the differences in power are so enormous. My cat as a small kitten would snuggle down under the covers, tucking herself under my chin. A small handful of feline. Her bones so fragile, but she trusted me not to hurt her…

This is an emotionally charged book, one about responsibility and about life.

Those of you who are like-minded will be pleased to know that the main character does not wake from a dream. It is much more than that. So much more.