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Published by Canongate.

This is the new book (the second) in the Christmas Series by Matt Haig and is due out at the very beginning of November. The first book, A Boy Called Christmas came out last year as a hardback, and will be out this year as a paperback, and both books should be bought as a pair for the season and read allowed to all good little children, and any bad, who haven’t been found out yet.

This is a Christmas story (hence the red type face, I thought it would look seasonal), and is full of hope and the belief in Christmas. Amelia has only one thing she wants for Christmas, but there is a very good chance that Christmas, might not happen at all and she has found herself in a workhouse – at Christmas.

It is full of possibly impossible things (though that rather depends on your point of view), and a others which are decidedly not impossible. There is a cat, with a rather determined and brilliant character, a mouse, the Northern Lights, a troll, (actually several of these) a jealous and rather lonely newspaper editor, truth-telling pixies, and story-telling pixies too…and of course there is Father Christmas…

The books should be bought together, and read as bed time stories in the lead up to the end of the winter term – a superb couple of books for everyone to enjoy…both illustrated by Chris Mould. Read and enjoy!



Published by Canongate

This was published as a lovely small hardback edition last Christmas, and will be published this as a paperback. The book is illustrated by Chris Mould and the combination of a good Christmas tale and his illustrations makes this, and the follow on book, The Girl Who Saved Christmas a brilliant pair of volumes for Christmas. I hope that Waterstones will make the set of books the Book of the Month for November – they are ideal to be used as a book at bed-time for the winter term…in preparation for Christmas.

Nikolas’ mother has died before the story begins. His father is a poor forester, and Nikolas has only ever been given two presents in the whole of his life: a turnip doll, his mother gave him, and a small sleigh from his father. He is happy enough, however and has a small brown mouse for company. When Nikolas’ father is offered a job, that will take him far into the North, his aunt comes to look after him and his life is turned upside down.

Which is where the story really begins…a true Northern adventure for Christmas. Full of elves, pixies, (including a truth pixie), trolls, reindeer, a kidnap (yes, a kidnap), bravery, sacrifice, hunting, magic…and things that aren’t impossible…a word no child should ever use… 

Buy this in good time for Christmas, and save it – to be read to all good little children (and some perhaps some not so good), up to Christmas…make it a tradition.