Published by Fourth Estate.

Ravens. Their peripatetic wanderings on foot have been described as like that of ‘a very particular gentleman with exceedingly tight boots on, trying to walk over loose pebbles.’

In flight, however, they exhibit a joy and a vivaciousness – able to fly upside down, but always with aerobatic precision. They are extraordinary birds.

This is a celebration of ravens. Of the relationship between one man and the birds of the tower. There really is only one tower – The Tower of London.

Chris Skaife has been Ravenmaster at The Tower since 2011 – and this is in a way of an ode to the birds, mixed with a good reflection on the history, traditions and legends of that extraordinary building and of course, the birds.

It is a wonderful story of their lives and the difficulties that result should you not give them the respect due, or happen to change the order in which things are done.

It seems Ravens are creatures of habit.

This is a wonderful celebration of an avian and human relationship – quite wonderful.