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Published by Corgi early November 2017

This is a story of a day – an extraordinary day centred around Natasha and Daniel – two young people destined, perhaps, to meet. Is there such a thing as Destiny? This is one story of these two characters, there may be other stories about them, that don’t turn out as this one does, but this is this story…not one of those.

It is the story of emigration. The small things that happen, that are catalysts for larger life changing events.

It is a story of racism. Of hopes, dreams, fears, regrets and prayers. It is a roller-coaster of a story – a day in the life of two people and some others, along the way.

There are mini chapters, mini interludes if you like, covering subjects as

Fate – A History,

Half-life – A History of Decay,

Multiverses – A Quantum History,

Hair – An African American History, and

Eyes – An Evolutionary History, which are fun and curious, but mainly it is essentially a book about people, the interconnection between different people and how they relate to one another. It is a love story.

Nicola Yoon is also the author of Everything, Everything, already reviewed in this blog.



Published by Corgi Books

This is an extraordinary story about friendship, love, and control.

Maddy hasn’t left her home for seventeen years. Her front door is an air lock. There are filters and air purifiers pumping clean air into her home. She is home educated and wonders about the world outside that she cannot reach. Her mother does everything for her when she is home, otherwise a nurse is with her. There is someone there always, but she is happy enough, perhaps. Her illness, however prevents her from doing the usual teenage things, parties, meeting friends, going to school and then she sees the family move in next door….loud raucous and full of life…a family so unlike her own…

A remarkable first novel.

Enjoy it!