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I mentioned at the end of my post about this book that I intended to make some paper cranes to give out as bookmarks at work.

I am pleased to report that I have completed 300 cranes – some them it has to be admitted are better than others, however, should you wish to have a free crane with your copy of The Boy Who Sailed the Ocan in an Armchair, then please visit the Waterstone’s branch in the Finchley Road O2 Centre where you can choose your crane whilst stocks last.

Not as many as would allow me to be granted a wish, but probably enough for those of you who would like a hand crafted crane…

Published by Usborne

This book is about two brothers, their father, their mother, friends, and a snail. Beckett’s father suddenly up-sticks and takes Becket and his young brother Billy away to live in a flat – leaving everything behind, including their ‘second-Mum’, Pearl.

Becket never said goodbye to his Mum when she went to hospital to have Billy and never came home with him and there is no way that he is going to leave Pearl too, without saying goodbye.

Funny and touching, this is a book really about the fact the parent’s are people too – and sometimes for the best of reasons they can get things almost astronomically wrong.

It is also about paper cranes, a rubber band bracelet and of course the snail, called Brian…an interesting character in his own right.

I sell books in Waterstone’s Finchley Road, and hope to celebrate this marvellous book with some paper crane bookmarks – which I am in the process of making. If I manage to make them – they will be given out to customers who buy the book, whilst the flock of birds I make last…one for each copy of the book sold. Also, I can’t promise that they will be anything like as good as those depicted in this picture.

If I don’t manage to make them – please accept my apologies – paper cranes are not as easy as they should be to make…

but I will persevere!