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Published by Simon & Schuster

Adventure awaits the audacious!

Prisoner 513. Prisoner 449. Prisoner 531.

A set of nesting dolls. An empty carpet bag. A mirror.

An ancient curse.

Three Windershins sisters: Fliss, Betty and Charlie.

The Sorrow Isles, three islands: Repent. Lament. Torment.

The Poacher’s Pocket, an inn.

A collapsing tower.

A legend.

Mists, marshes and dampness.

An ‘a bit of an upset‘.

An pipe-smoking inn keeper. A keeper of secrets.

A prison…

Hidden mysteries and boundaries.

A cat named Oi.

A… rat named Hoppit.

Perhaps a turn of a run…a run of bad luck…and

a pinch, just A Pinch of Magic.

This is Michelle’s latest and perhaps her best yet.

Stupendous, dark  and enticing… another fantastic book from

Michelle Harrison.


Another book due out early next year…order your copy now.





Published by Simon & Schuster

This is book is a Russian doll of stories, each fitting in the other. Centred around Alice a young author who always finishes her tales. Well, always, apart from this one. This is Alice’s story, and Midge’s, her younger brother’s. When Alice disappears along with Twitch his cat, Midge is taken aback when he thinks he sees his sister, but she doesn’t acknowledge him. Then she disappears completely and a rather talkative black cat arrives. Similar in some ways to Twitch, but slightly different physically, and Twitch never spoke and certainly didn’t drink tea…

This is the first Michelle Harrison volume I have read (which is embarrassing), but she is known for her superb writing (in particular The Thirteen series) – and I’m only sorry I have only just got around to reading her.

If stories, magic, adventure, danger, mysteries and puzzles have proven good ingredients for good books before, then this is one you can’t afford to miss.

This kaleidoscope of stories is frankly fascinating and intriguing.

Enjoy it –