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Since I wrote my post about this volume one of my customers has been in touch and sent me the following email:

Firstly, I’m very grateful that you recommended The Girl of the Ink & Stars to me. I found it REALLY interesting and wanted to tell you some of the parts I most enjoyed.

Next, what really pleases me about this book is that it hooks you in as you read along. Karen Millwood Hargrave (the author) is brilliant in the style she writes in – it’s funny but also sad and terrifying! All mixed into one book! This is only the first book I’ve read of Hargrave’s and I think I will start to read more!
And like I said before, I really am grateful that you recommended the book.
Kind regards,
Anya Daniels
I asked Anya if she would be happy to have her name and review quoted on my blog and following her confirmation I am now posting it here for her.

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This is the second book written by Kiran Hargrave – the first The Girl of Ink and Stars has just won the Waterstones Book Prize for 2017 – it was good, but not as good as this.

Ami lives on an island with her sick mother. She does most things for her as her condition worsens, however, life is good – the island is beautiful, there is fresh water, fruit, butterflies and they are together. When Ami is taken from her island to an orphanage as a result of a directive, she worries about her mother, but soon finds herself also worrying about the other children. They also have been taken from their parent’s and families to protect them; as their beautiful home is designated as a leper colony.

Moving, and rather beautiful this is the story of love, friendship, bravery and ultimately people. It is a much better book than The Girl of Ink and Stars – though that one shouldn’t be missed either. It is just that this one has much more depth.

Enjoy both – they are not connected (apart from being written by the same author), so it is no matter in which order you read them.


girl-of-ink-and-stars-slide-bannerPublished by Chicken House

Not yet published May 2016

The proof I read had been badly bound. It was almost too tight to be read with ease and as a result, I very nearly didn’t read this volume at all. Which would have been a pity.

This is a book for anyone who enjoys cartography, maps, and travel – it is an adventure into the unknown. It is  also a story of bravery, acceptance and sacrifice. An extraordinary volume and a rather unique piece of fantasy.


My proof had page decorations; some of compass lines, others of old style map decorations – those that used to be depicted along side a note that stated ‘Here be Monsters’ beyond which point no one knew what to expect… I hope that the idea is carried through to the finished book, and is carefully and sympathetically done – a rather lovely touch.