Published by Chicken House

Alice Jones enjoys numbers. She likes the fact the numbers balance. That there is usually an answer that is final and complete. She likes to count in prime numbers when stressed, or if that doesn’t work she will switch to the Fibonacci Sequence. She is that type of girl.

Her father is a journalist and has taught his daughters that the truth is what is important with a story and it is the truth of the mystery that makes this story so good.

It is a mystery, a crime book, a story of families and of standing up for what is right, as well as a book coloured a little by numbers…

A fun and enticing story. Will we ever manage to make an invisibility suit, or is that just an idea for stories like Harry Potter?

NB – I had no idea what the Fibonacci Sequence is until I looked it up. It is a sequence of numbers where the next number is the sum of the two previous numbers. How that is useful, I really don’t know, but I have learnt what it is, which I suppose is something.