Published by Harper Collins

Running. Everyone does it to some extent if only to catch the bus, chase after a friend. There are others who run marathons, run just around the block, some enjoy running every weekend. I sometimes see runners who run the canal bank which I can see from my study window.

Could you run though, if you couldn’t see? Would you dare to? I’m not sure I would – there are so many obstacles to get in the way – not just inanimate objects / landscape, all those people too, dogs, cats, and if I ran across my local common – there are cows as well – and they would probably come and stare at me, without my knowing they were there.

So, I’m not sure I would.

This is the story of a runner. A runner who can’t see. Who still runs. Regularly. There are some concessions she makes – she knows how many paces it takes to cross various areas of land – but basically she runs on her own and so she runs always in the dark.

It is also the story of recovery. Bravery – and not just because running when you are blind takes a lot of courage anyway. It is the story of a father, and his relationship with his daughter, of families, success and fundamentally relationships.

It is a story that is emotional, driven, touching and one you won’t forget – it is superb.

I read my proof a little while ago – so I’m late reviewing it – actually it got into the wrong pile again, and I have just found it. Many apologies, I thought I had, but on checking  found I hadn’t. Better late they say…

I am more embarrassed than I can say – this again found its way into the ‘saved’ folder and wasn’t published – last updated a month ago…

I will now publish it without further ado.