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Published by Harper Collins

This is a rather clever book. I am not sure I would ever have wanted to live for ever. The world changes so fast, and not always for the better. I wouldn’t have minded being able to time travel, though, that would be different. As long as I was able to return to where I should be; today – now: 27th of December 2017 at 10.57 am.

This story, though, (unless everything changes), is about a boy who will essentially live forever. Like Peter Pan, he will never grow up; he will stay 11 years old and unless he has an accident, will never die.

For some, that sounds almost perfect. Alfie, though, finds his friends grow away from him. They don’t understand how he can stay a boy, when their interests begin to change. He is still playing football and with his cat and wants to stay with his mother. His interests are still those of an 11 year old boy. Friends never last long.

He and his mother live a very quiet life. His father died a long time ago from an accident on a ship and so they live in peace with his cat.

When his mother dies in a fire, Alfie finds himself alone and begins to think that perhaps he would prefer to grow up with his friends and to live a normal life. He has one opportunity to do this, a way of changing things. Other factors, however, are beginning to be brought to bear on his life – things are changing and being a boy alone, life is getting more complicated, more difficult.

This is about a boy and Biffa, his cat from around 1014 AD. living in the 21st C. It is clever and touching. What happens in the end, is for me coloured by Biffa’s survival – but for all that, this is a story of friendship, history and that peculiar yearning we have to ‘live for ever’. Do we really want to?


Published by Harper Collins

9780008156329There is something about time travel – the idea is peculiarly enticing.

Al’s father is dead. That is clear from the beginning of the book. On Al’s 12th birthday, however, he receives a letter from him – and it contains a rather an extraordinary challenge.

I wonder how many twelve year old boys would believe such a letter, let alone take up the challenge of not only going back to where they had lived previously, then to break in, and make their way into the basement…let alone attempt to time travel back to 1984

This is a story about time travel (there’s a surprise), families, a go-cart named The Lean Mean Green Machine, and a small hamster…named Alan Shearer.

Whether Al is successful – is for you to find out, and whether Alan Shearer survives the experiment, is another matter entirely…