Published by Walker Books

Not yet Published at time of going to Post: February 2016

When Uman walks late into class no one is prepared for what happens. Uman pushes limits. Asks questions that no one thought to ask, or if they did, dared to. He is an enigma. He’s different and not afraid to be.

He sits next to Gloria that first day, and tells her she is ready for change. It is the start of a friendship diverse from everything she has come across. He doesn’t talk about his past, just asks questions and pushes for answers.

He skips classes, and has obviously always done so. Gloria never has. Till now.

An unusal and rather wonderful story. Another book about living life, and not allowing it to go by. Not that I suggest we all follow in Gloria’s and Uman’s footsteps…but perhaps the essence of the story could be mixed into our own.

Question 21 – What would you have done?

This cover has a notation on the Internet stating it is the one they will use in the US. Their covers are often wildly different from those used to publish the same book in the UK.

Keep an eye out for this book in what ever cover they give it.