Published by Chicken House / ISBN 978 1908435996 – The edition with this cover (similar to the second in the series) / Not yet published

ISBN 978 1908435996 – Already published with a different cover, that isn’t in the series design.

Due in part to her Grandmother moving into a home, Edie finds herself staying with an aunt and her cousins with whom she doesn’t get on with  in the least. One in particular takes great enjoyment in bullying her. When she is given the opportunity to go to boarding school to assist her older cousin in investigating a mystery, she takes up the challenge with some relief…

This is the first book in the Knight Haddon School series, and works very well indeed. It has the feel of all boarding school stories, with a mystery add to the mixture for more ‘kick’. The series reminds me a little of the Chalet School Books (Elinor M Brent-Dyer) that my sister used to read, and The Naughtiest School books (Enid Blyton), but have a more modern twist to them. They also remind me of the A Murder Most Unladylike series by Robin Stevens which also mix a good crime with a school story.