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Published by Pushkin.

27th September 2018

I don’t know what it is about Pushkin Press, but they seem to publish the most charming and interesting volumes. This reminds me physically, of my favourite of their books, Meet at the Ark at Eight (Hub), also a slight wonderful volume. If you haven’t read it yet, go out and buy it and read it now. At least get a copy ordered. It won’t take long.

Neither will this slim little volume. Illustrated beautifully by the author, it tells the tale of Tabetha, a mudlark in Londra, who works around the river Themse, and is asked to find a glass, which is of sentimental value, no more. Or so the gentleman insists…

This should be tucked into everyone’s stocking. At just 91 printed pages it is slim, but wonderful. A winter tale to read by a fire on Christmas day. It should become a tradition. Pushkin have bound it – so its a little bulkier than ‘Meet’ and so slightly more expensive (£9.99), it is, however, worth every penny.

I did contact Pushkin and they have promised that if Cornelia should decide to visit the UK – they will get in touch. An author I’d love to have visit Finchley Road O2 – if only so I can tell her directly how much I love her books.

Interestingly both Ulrich Hub and Cornelia Funke are both German. I have some (not a lot) of German ancestry. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy these so much. Maybe its in my blood. Either way. Both should be bought and read over Christmas…

Go out and buy them.


Published by Pushkin Children’s Books

This slim charming volume of just 62 pages is a wonderfully illustrated story of Noah’s ark – with a difference. Three penguins are arguing in the snow and ice. After all there is not much to do in a landscape just made up of snow and ice.

Thus starts one of the most amusing and thought-provoking books that I have read in a very, very long time. Liberally illustrated by Jorg Muhle, and translated from the German.

As the flap in the front so beautifully describes:

Meet the Ark at Eight! is  a delight: the funny, odd and strangely moral story of three penguins, a plump, overworked dove, a beautiful butterfly that may, or may not get done in, and a quite apologetic God.

To me and being slightly sacrilegious – this is how the bible should be…at least this is the tale of the ark as it should be told.

I never thought about the dove in that way, but will do so for ever more.

It really is a book that should be tucked into all parcels for Christmas      (it does have snow, ice and penguins) – or at least shared by everyone as they sit around a fire…

It took me just an hour to read one of our copies at work. We had three. We now have only one in stock.