Published by Macmillan

Not yet Published – 5 September 2019


Except for the sound in the ivy, his movements were silent. He prowled like an animated shadow. He smelt wonderful, part smoke, part caramel. His leaps looked like slow motion. When he turned his head to look at Louis, an amber power traced patterns on the nerves beneath Louis’ skin. From his very first visit he had taken ownership of Louis’ room, Louis’ bed and Louis’ mat (on which he sharpened his claws)…

Iffen banished loneliness. His arrogant sorting through the offerings on the windowsill made Louis smile. Either they vanished completely, or were flicked scornfully into the ivy. They were not enough. Lately Iffen had taken to bringing his own supplies…

I have just finished the proof of this quite extraordinary and enticing wondrous book. Really, quite one of the most evocative, brilliant pieces of writing that I have read for years

Everyone should buy copies of this – Magic. When I say magic, I mean the primeval, and dare I say it, real magic of nature – of wildness and of books – how I wish I had been brought up, just for a little while in an ivy-covered house… The power of books, of words and of course of pictures… Absolutely wonderful.

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The cover to this book, doesn’t reflect the depth, wildness and enticement of this wild, extraordinary tale. Buy it. Perhaps in years to come someone will design another more fitting. In the meanwhile, know that there is something extra to this tale – the English is wonderful – a book of real magic…