Published by Electric Monkey / Egmont

I know very little about cerebral palsy and found this introduction to the condition curious – though the situation that those with the condition find themselves cannot be said to be anyway curious at all – traumatic, and difficult to say the least. One of the good things about reading is that it often introduces you to subjects you wouldn’t normally investigate. This is Jemma’s story – her particular problems include a total inability to speak, she is unable to move around by herself, though she is liable to twitch erratically. Her brain, though, is certainly working on all four cylinders (to use a veterinarian term)….She is bright, resourceful and aware of people and their general machinations, hopes and desires. She is unlucky enough to be verbally bullied by a character in the book who tells her that he is responsible for a murder, but that after all is fine; after all she can’t tell any one, can she!

It is the story of families, belief in yourself and overcoming fears. It is also a coming of age book too – a super book from this always edgy publishing house.