Published by David Fickling Books

I have to admit to loving bats.

I thought, when I picked this up at work that this was a new book – I was wrong, it was published in 1999, by Hodder Children’s Books – and I missed it, which is a great pity. I haven’t read much of it yet – just 33 pages whilst at work today – but I have fallen for this trilogy in a big way – Shade is a Silverwing bat – yes, it is about bats, with echo location, wings, and catching moths etc…and it is remarkable. I sincerely hope the next 222 pages are as good as the first 33 – I’m loving it. In particular because using an animal that uses mostly echo location to survive, which is so different from our own senses, is quite a challenge, in itself. Also I love Shade – curious and foolhardy – wonderful. This edition has illustrations by David Frankland – I’m not sure if he was the original artist, but they compliment the story perfectly. I will, of course write more on the book when it I have finished it (and I suspect the following titles Sunwing, Firewing and then Darkwing (also known as Dusk).

I have found illustrations of the covers that we have at work for the first three, but can’t find that of the fourth Darkwing. I hope and trust that David Fickling will have published that volume too. From what I can remember from grabbing my copy of Silverwing from the shelves this morning, we only have three books of the series in stock. I will investigate.