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Published by Alma Classics

The Jungle Books shouldn’t need an introduction.

That is unless all you have done is seen the films.

If you haven’t read the books – then this really is a must read.

There are several different editions available to buy, in different bindings.

This edition though, is really something else.

It is a paperback. Of the regular octavo size.

It is printed on good quality paper. Which it has to be admitted, doesn’t always happen. There are publishers who don’t know about paper, but there are others, though that do and they are available to buy.

This edition though, is the only one with chapter headings with superb illustrations by Ian Beck.

In the spring they are also publishing The Just So Stories.

I have placed my order for this already.

If you already have a copies of these books. Or there are copies ‘in the house’ – so you ‘don’t need another’, please don’t miss the opportunity of purchasing this edition. Perhaps younger members of the family would appreciate owning their own copies.

The Jungle Books really is something very special. Remember to order the Just So Stories at the same time.

The ISBNs for the books are:

The Jungle Book / Kipling: 978 1847495839

The Just So Stories / Kipling: 978 1847496379

Ian Beck has illustrated many other books, including his Tom Trueheart series….also suitable for 8 and onwards…and really rather wonderful.

Buy them!