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I don’t usually stray into the Adult’s section. I recently did so after a discussion with someone who mentioned I might like Chevalier’s books.

My grandfather used to take me pretty regularly to the Wallace Collection in London. We would wander the pictures and decide on the quality of the paintings on show. If a piece of cloth looked real, what the expression on the face said about the sitter. A sort of art appreciation, not that it was formal in any way – a time I remember with pleasure. Those trips probably set the basis for my enjoyment of pictures – of being happy just to look and perhaps see something a little different.

This is a possible story of The Girl with the Pearl Earring. That picture and that girl – it is a possible story of the girl, with the pearl earring too.  It is a story with all the artistic detail which has made me look at it again – it is a very fine picture and the pearl? The pearl does complete it. The cover of my paperback had the image reproduced on it.

If I cover the pearl with my thumb, something is definitely missing.

This is a history if you will of a painting, but also of the people in Vermeer’s life – and a small biography of the artist too. I have never been to the Netherlands – but now am thinking of a trip. I have always loved Dutch paintings – I love the detail….