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Published by Harper Collins

For some reason, I cannot fathom, we received just a single copy of this. Which I noticed on the shelf and nicked to read as it looked as though it might be a book for you Followers of Sue (FOS) and I am pleased to confirm it is.

Agatha Oddly is a fan of Agatha Christie. Actually she is a fan of detective novels in general, but in particular she is a fan of Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot.

She reads detective novels, studies them and has been a detective herself for as long as she can remember. Though most of her mysteries are of the more prosaic sort.

She lives with her Dad in Hyde Park as he is one of the park’s horticulturists and as a result she knows the park well. What she doesn’t realise is what is  under Hyde Park.

When an elderly lady is knocked over by a motorbike rider in the park, just in front of Agatha, as she makes her way to school, she realises things are not quite what they seem.

1. Old lady knocked down in Hyde Park. The path was wide. Was this deliberate? What could the motive be?
2. Her perfume was expensive and she had an unusual tattoo (sketch overleaf). Something seems odd here – what is her story?
3.Business card says she is a member of the Royal Geographical Society – do they know more about her?


Her investigations have extraordinary consequences, just as the water supply in London becomes contaminated…

We have more copies of Agatha Oddly arriving (probably today, but I’m off) – so you can get copies, direct from the shelf from Waterstones O2, very soon, if not immediately.

Well worth dropping in for a good mystery.

This is also, I am pleased to say just the start of Agatha Oddly’s adventures. The next adventure is

coming soon…