Published by Walker Books

This is a wonderful science fiction volume, set initially in Norway and then in London. It is the story of William Wenton a boy fascinated by all things to do with codes. It doesn’t matter in what form – they just draw him to them, and he enjoys pitting his wits against those who think they can out-wit him. His parents moved to Norway with him when his grandfather disappeared, some eight years before the book really begins. At the same time, everything about him was changed. Even his name. The book begins with a mystery and then spirals down into something quite extraordinary. It contains everything you might want in adventure, including sentient doors…

I had hoped that Bobbie Peers would be willing and able to come and be an author for one of my school events I hold each year. Sadly, this was not to be. He lives inconveniently in Norway (a place I have always wanted to visit), & it is too far to expect an author to travel. Further Waterstones won’t contribute in any practical way travel expenses of that calibre. Which is a pity – this is an excellent book and I would have loved to have included Bobbie in our yearly celebrations.

If you would like to read something engrossing and enticing, this is for you.