Published by Hot Key Books

Not yet published: 27th August 2015

This engrossing story covers everything. Including secrets, sexuality, conformity, bravery, revolution and protest in an intense and unforgettable intricate story of what might have been should the modern world be run by a Nazi state.

Jessika Keller follows the directives given by the government and her parents. She has never questioned them. Unthinking this talented girl’s interests revolve around her ice-skating and her family until she becomes best friend with Clementine Hart who doesn’t, isn’t and who questions everything.

This is not an easy book to read. Much of it is related in history and much of it still goes on today. A book with dark depths that will have readers thinking about the issues raised in it long after the book is closed.

It’s about friendship, and about whether you should do what is right, or what is safe…

It is a book of stature – a book of importance.