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Oxford University Press: Education and Children's books

Oxford University Press

NY Published 2020 September

Victoria Stitch and Gloria are sisters. By all that is right, they should have been honoured and allowed to grow-up and live in the palace.  Victoria Stitch resents being denied her rightful, royal position. Her sister is more phlegmatic. This is the story of change, acceptance and of self belief.

Victoria Stitch’s attempts to alter their lives has far reaching sometimes funny, often dramatic consequences. Magic and mayhem. A brilliant new start to a new series for younger readers. By the author of the Isadora Moon titles – perhaps for those who have moved on a little from those.

Stuffed, of course with illustrations.

Ballet Bunnies: The New Class: Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press

NY Published: September

This is a rather charming small first chapter book. Many, many years ago my Mum arranged for me to have a ballet lesson – I am almost certain,  and I hope, it wasn’t in the belief that I would continue it beyond the first. I just remember going that one time. I don’t even remember what we did. I recollect the building and not much more.

This is the story of Betty, and her first ever ballet class. It doesn’t go quite as she dreamed in more ways than one. Perhaps if I had met a number of talking ballet dancing rabbits I would have continued…

This is filled with a considerable number of pictures, as you might expect from a first chapter book – they beautifully reflect the sentiment and the story.

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Published by Scholastic

NYP – Due out September 2020

I read this a little while ago, as a proof (for which many thanks) – and loved it. Since then the world has turned a little nuts for everyone, so I haven’t had a chance to review it.

This is due out in September – you should place an order on – or your local independent bookshop’s site. Something special for when, hopefully this will all be in the past and we are back to the new ‘normal’ – whatever that might turn out to be.

A story of an apprentice magician caught in the cross-fire – and becoming…well – it seems he becomes something quite extraordinary. Many adventures are had – there’s some issue with transfiguration (of the Harry Potter sort) – not to be attempted at home…and wizards – oh, and some fantastic hags too. Including one rather beautiful one. Can you be a hag and beautiful too? There’s a conundrum! A great adventure, funny and uplifting!

Brilliant. Even better this has been beautifully illustrated too – by Jason Cockcroft no less (of Harry Potter fame), and has a map as well – what more could you wish for?