Published by Buster Books (Michael O’Mara Books Ltd)

This is a small, but important book. It is just 183mm square, and just 34 pages long. I feel it is a book that should be given to all politicians – all heads of religion (apologies, there is probably a ‘proper’ word for those ladies and gentleman), teachers…managers…trade unions…and I suppose parent’s too. It should be given to everyone who has power to remind them of our often hard won freedoms.

I am sometimes amazed by what people believe is their right – which is sometimes confused with what they would like, even if all the indications are that they would probably be better off accepting what has happened, and moving on. This may be contentious – but I believe we should be looking out for each other – irrespective of creed, colour or what ever we are – whether animal, vegetable or mineral… and perhaps thinking about other people first.

We need to start to look out for one another – the old adage – do what you would be done by, seems to have disappeared. Respect and an understanding of our freedoms – of everyone’s freedoms seems not to be important any more.

Perhaps we should be slowing down and not going so fast – taking the time to see one another as we are…to learn from one another….to accept that we are all different with different ideas, and that is all right. That some are better at some things, and some at others – but we all have a value.

This book is a reminder of our responsibility to each other, as well as to the world we live in. In Chris’ introduction he states the following.

We all want a good life, to have fun, to be safe and happy and fulfilled. For this to happen we need to look after each other. In this book there are sixteen different freedoms that help look after us. They are truly wonderful, precious things. these freedoms were created to protect us, forever. We need to stand up for them and look after them just as they look after us.

My favourite is Thought – We all have the right to the information we need to make up our own minds. We have the right to say what we think and share ideas with other people.

The illustration is of a girl of just that age (when they know everything) …striding forth with her nose firmly in a book with a fox bounding beside her.

I would happily pay more in my taxes for those members of parliament who are supposedly running this green and pleasant land to have a copy.