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Back in April 2015 I wrote a post about the first volume of this series: A Murder Most Unladylike. Since then Robin Stevens has written a further eight volumes. At the moment there are seven full sized books and this one A Murder Most Unladylike Mini Mystery.

This is a small nugget of a book – truly a pocket book. Set around London’s Museums and in particular The British Museum. I am a fan of the British Museum, and in particular the Egyptian Galleries – and this small volume’s denouement occurs in those extraordinary rooms.

It starts with a Treasure Hunt that Daisy’s uncle Felix sets his niece to celebrate her birthday. Which results in a visit to the British Museum and the Rosetta stone…

The story is just 148 pages in length, however, there are some interesting notes about the B.M., Egypt and hieroglyphs and just a snifter, a small mouthful, from Robin Steven’s new book in the series Death in the Spotlight.

If you are fans, or even if you are not – you may be excited to hear that

Robin Stevens

is coming to Waterstones Finchley Road

to sign copies of this new volume on the

28th of October…at 11.30 am!

If you haven’t tried these yet,  I suggest you come and purchase the first volume – A Murder Most Unladylike, and have it signed.

If you are a fan, I have no doubt you will have all the books in the series. Come and buy the latest and meet your favourite author!

We still have a few copies of The Case of the Missing Treasure, which was published for Waterstones and those along with the rest of the series, will be available to be signed and purchased.

I hope to see all of you there and in particular those of you I now think of as Followers of Sue (FOS)!