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Published by Macmillan.

I have been a fan of Chris Riddell for many years. This is his latest picture book – published initially in hardback, though I am sure a paperback will be available in due course.

With a cut-out board and free end paper, this is rather a special book. With full page spread of pictures this tells a tale of Little Green Rain Cape – who

‘set off through the woods. She felt well prepared. She had…a strong straight stick, comfortable clumpy boots, and a backpack containing: a good book, breadcrumbs, a pair of clean socks and an invitation to a party. She was wearing her green rain cape.’





On her journey she meets: a wolf, a kindly old lady, a troll, a beast, a harp, three bears, a girl in a red cape, a songbird, a prince, three little pigs, seven dwarves and a witch… to name just a few of the numerous characters that bring this book to life. Those who are well read, will recognise many of them…

A picture book with more text than usual, for those who enjoy a good, long story. It is another wonderful book to add to my collection of picture books…of which I have, a few. Well, actually more than a few….








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Published by Anderson Press.

I am ashamed to say I had never heard of Joan Procter (1897 – 1931), and only picked a copy of this up at work, when I noticed the, frankly SUPERB illustrations – they are STUNNING.

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Joan Procter was a curator at the Natural History Museum, then went on to design the Reptile House at London Zoo and to study dragons. Zoologist, herpetologist and all round brilliant naturalist – and she had a ‘thing’ for Komodo Dragons too! I would have loved to have met Joan Procter – she lived a life I’d have loved to have had.  Sadly a very short life – either way, she died before I was born, and my Dad was only one. So even if she had lived a life of four score and ten – I still wouldn’t have been able to talk to her. Never-the-less it would have been good. If there is a next world (there had better be. There are a lot of people now deceased I’d love to meet), I hope to have the chance… You never know.

The book is part of the celebration of women’s achievements that has become rather prevalent this year. This though is by far my favourite book of this new ‘genre’. The emphasis isn’t on the fact that she was a woman, but on what she did. I am beginning to feel a little jaded about so many books emphasising women’s achievements as though its a surprise that they could (and can) achieve so much. It would be good to have some balance too. This, though is not the place for this discussion. Image result for joan procter dragon

Felicita’s illustrations – are quite sublime. Exactly right for this book. The pages are not art paper, but matt – the colours are subtle and the book is exquisite. I am ordering a copy of the hardback, which I believe is still available. Why we were only sent one copy of the paper back, I will never understand. It could be sold from Picture Books, from Reference and of course it could be placed along side the Rebel Girl books.

They may have sold phenomenally well, however, this book deserves to. A really special informative and beautifully illustrated book.

Buy it.

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Published by Simon & Schuster

There are other picture books about pigs. One is quite famous, but has none of the style, literary merit, humour and pure pleasure that the Olivia books by Ian Falconer give.

They are the only pig books really worth having…

They are something else – superb illustrations about a small piglet and her adventures. My favourite is about her trip to Venice with her parents and little brother. Pen and wash illustrations. It is a must buy. Oh, as is Olivia Helps with ChristmasOlivia and the wrong Toy

Sorry. Let me get this right – buy all of the Olivia books. Though perhaps (if you think you haven’t got the finances for that at the moment), start with Olivia Helps with Christmas and Olivia goes to Venice… You could buy a copy of Olivia Helps with Christmas, for Christmas and be a very kind person and buy Olivia goes to Venice – for now

There is a picture of Olivia, exhausted on her hotel bed, with a night view of Venice through the window. I showed Dad my copy and he laughed, and said – ‘That’s exactly what you did, when we first visited…’

Buy them.

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Published by Walker Books

I wonder, do you know a Wild Child? For that matter, are you secretly, a Wild Child? I have a feeling that anyone can be one, at any age…

This is a wild book, for wild children, those who cast off sensible shoes and are just a little wild.

Lets make sure that there are always wild children, out in the wilds…doing wild things…they can always come in and be sensible, a little later…perhaps.

A book, a rather marvellous book, to encourage a little wildness – for those who are wild at heart… Without wildness what would the world be like?

Published by Frances Lincoln

The second book in the Story Orchestra series. Last year they published The Four Seasons – which sold and sold and sold… I had hoped that they would do the 1812 this year, what fun to have cannons going off, but they did, I suppose the next best thing…The Nutcracker – ideal for Christmas and just as a wonderful piece of music.

I love this series…I haven’t been able to find a small button I can transport to this blog so you can have a blast of Tchaikovsky – maybe next year I will find out, and maybe they will do the 1812! Go and see this ballet if you can – the Coliseum is doing it this year… It really is a ballet, possibly the ballet, everyone should go to, at least once.