Published by Red Fox

This is a classic. It is the first of a number of volumes about Doctor Dolittle and his animal patients. First published in 1920 this is the only title left, I think, in print.

Main characters include: the African grey parrot named Polynesia, Gub-Gub, the pig, Che-Che the monkey, the pushmi-pullyu, the cat’s meat man and the giant lunar moth…and those are just a few I can remember from memory.

The books are a delight, however, as I have said, many of them (I think there must have been quite a number) are no no-longer in print. If you can find them, they are worth buying. The stories are about Doctor Dolittle, who is more interested in the illnesses of animals than his human patients, and begins to learn their different languages…in the first book he goes to Africa to help the monkeys…in a later volume he flew to the moon on a lunar moth (well what else would you use?) – the pushmi-pullyu has gone down in family parlance too.

Incidentally, the books are infinitely better than any film made of these books.

You may find second-hand copies of the later titles if you go to the viaLibri search engine