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Published by Chicken House

Lies. There so many different types of lies. There are times, when it seems acceptable to lie. Other times, when its not. There are many reasons too, why people lie. This is a book about lying and how lies, if left, can grow and change, become twisted and affect things that initially seem to have no relation at all to each other, let alone the lie itself.

Lexie tells a lie. Which results in her insides becoming gnarly, like a tangled hosepipe full of steaming purple puss. Which is a very good description of how unpleasant a lie can make you feel.

This is a story about lies and repercussions. Lexie is from a Greek Cypriot family and the most important thing for them is family. Lexie’s lie has repercussions that are far reaching and devastating for everyone. Its a story of families. Of mistakes, jealousy, fear and of being human.

Oh! what a tangled web we weave

When first we practice to deceive!

Published by Chicken House

This is a story set around a young girl’s dream of becoming a famous actor and the trials and tribulations of learning and accepting who you are. Dara Palmer was adopted and looks very different from her siblings and her parents and it is this that is the thread that runs though the book. The plot deals with what can be difficult issues, in a very light and friendly fashion. Dara’s problems are not serious – but have the potential to grow into more complex issues and that results in this book, which on the face of it is quite light, having more impact.