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Published by Frances Lincoln

The second book in the Story Orchestra series. Last year they published The Four Seasons – which sold and sold and sold… I had hoped that they would do the 1812 this year, what fun to have cannons going off, but they did, I suppose the next best thing…The Nutcracker – ideal for Christmas and just as a wonderful piece of music.

I love this series…I haven’t been able to find a small button I can transport to this blog so you can have a blast of Tchaikovsky – maybe next year I will find out, and maybe they will do the 1812! Go and see this ballet if you can – the Coliseum is doing it this year… It really is a ballet, possibly the ballet, everyone should go to, at least once.

Published by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books

This is so much more than a story book. Beautifully illustrated it relates the story of Isabelle and her friend and companion, Pickle her dog. Vibrant and a superb gift it details the four seasons as they occur throughout their adventure.

What really makes this a superb volume is the music. Each page has a button which when pressed plays a small excerpt of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons to go along with the story. It brilliantly allows young people to experience a gorgeous piece of classical music mixed with a lovely narrative and beautiful illustrations. The rendition is as good as many CD’s I have heard play; it is not a ‘noisy’ book – it does not fit into that genre – the book plays music.

I am pleased to note that there are to be more books like this produced by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books. I am hoping that the next piece will be either, the Nutcracker or perhaps better still, the 1812 – what fun to have a book with cannons!