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Published by Scholastic.

My grandfather lived in Kenya running a farm and amongst other animals, he had an African Grey Parrot, named (rather unimaginatively) ‘Polly’.  She was quite a character; he had inherited her from extended members of the family, so she wasn’t a young bird. She was also, as parrots are, highly intelligent.

Grandpa determined that if you worked for him on the farm, he would learn to speak to you, in your own language…it meant that he was trusted and he became quite a linguist as he employed many people from different backgrounds.  He was so good at it, his parrot learnt the different languages too and would respond in kind when staff visited the office – causing much amusement and some confusion. I have always liked parrots.

This book is about these extraordinary and intelligent birds. Sadly not in the wild – or with the freedom that my grandfather’s parrot had. It is though, about freedoms and about realising what you have. Sometimes we can miss what we have in the need to get somewhere else or to have something different.

This is about sibling love. About the different types of love. The fact that sometimes we all need someone – there should always be someone there. Its about responsibility too – and about death as well.

A moving tale of a couple of parrots in a pet shop, the boy who works there and an elderly customer…and so much more.

Parrots are special. I’m not sure about parrots in pet shops. For that matter, I’m not sure about birds in pet shops at all…but this is about so much more…

The picture below is of an African Grey – stolen from the Internet – Birds of Eden Free Flight Sanctuary – in South Africa. Having looked at their site – it is a place everyone should visit – they allow birds, previously caged birds, to fly free – in their 23 meters high, 23,000 meters square forest sanctuary…somewhere that Alastair would have been happy.

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