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Published by David Fickling Books

This is written and illustrated by the phenomenal Chris Wormell. A small octavo hardback stuff-filled with wonderful illustrations.

Image result for magic place wormellIt is the story of an aunt and uncle – ‘who were about as wicked and cruel as you can get’, a grey toy rabbit with floppy ears, a clever & intelligent cat,  named Gilbert and an orphan. It is the story of an escape and a chase across the roof tops, a tale of thefts and illicit gains and is a traditional proper tale of a search for happiness and a safe home…

In case you were wondering, I LOVED it. A book to give for Christmas as a special gift for anyone who likes a story with pictures. I think there’s at least one on every page – and for those who like good stories.

A MUST buy.

I am hoping that I can persuade Chris Wormell to come and sign copies at Finchley Road O2 (Waterstones) – it is a gorgeous book… Keep an eye on the Events Page on….

Published by Chicken House

There are not many books where you can visit the skeleton of one of the main characters in a museum. This is the story of Maharajah who walked from Edinburgh to Manchester in 1872 and whose remains are to be found in Manchester Museum.

This fictional account of a true story relates the adventures of a young boy who becomes involved in a wager which has far reaching consequences for this urchin of the streets. It is a story of friendship, rivalry, bravery, and a tale of treachery too.

This is the story of an Indian Elephant – the elephant whose remains are in the museum. The story relates the story of an African pachyderm – but otherwise, in all essentials, the story is a true one. Jane Kerr has just added quantity of good quality adventure into the mix.

This is a wonderful book – sensitively and well written – a must buy. Then we must all travel up to Manchester to visit the original Maharajah.

NB. Just a small note – the wonderful elephant illustrated on the cover was done by Chris Wormell – a superb artist who has ‘done’ many other books too – and this one is one of his best… See also George and the Dragon / Two Frogs….to name just two beautiful picture books written & illustrated by him.