Published by Puffin

Not yet published at time of going to press – September 2015

This combines history, secrets, treachery, alchemy, chemistry, codes, adventure and friendship in a cornucopia of a story. It is truly a book to treasure and in which to submerge one-self. Christopher Rowe’s friends include his best friend Tom, Tom’s little sister young Molly and a pigeon, named Bridget who all try to help him when he becomes involved in trying to prevent a plot by anti-royalists not just to overthrow the king, but also to obtain the ultimate power…

To be published in September this year, I hope they keep the design of the cover of the proof, which is sumptuous – an extraordinary and superb volume – brilliant. It is quite in the old tradition of Puffin; well written, good plot and wonderful characters.

The following is something related to the book to be going on with –

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