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Published by Greystones Press

The Tudors. I once informed a year of Sussex House pupils that History begins with the Tudors. There was silence for a few minutes and then a tentative hand went up. ‘Mrs Barker…there was lots of history before the Tudors… wasn’t there…?’ So I had to explain to the boys (and Mrs Barker), that to me my interest in History began with the Tudors.

This is set with the back drop of the death of Queen Katherine (‘divorced’), Queen Anne Boleyn (‘beheaded’) on the throne, and Henry the VIII beginning to take a serious interest in Jane Seymour (‘died’). Kit’s parents died in the plague, and by a stroke of good fortune he now works with the Ravenmaster at the Tower, at one of its darkest times in history.

I have only reached page 80 – but I am thoroughly enjoying this layered story – history with a good seasoning of fantasy. The Tudor story – is (perhaps) the best of English History – this mix is wonderful.

There is no question, in my mind, that Queen Anne Boleyn was innocent of what she was accused. No-one would surely have chanced such a thing in her position. Then again, perhaps it was only after ‘her’ history, that the warnings were so clear… It rather depends on the people, the characters…the intrigue was knotted so much, that I am sure that some of the finer details of what actually happened, disappeared in the mists of time.

Kit is favoured by Queen Anne Boleyn, just when she needed friends. A dangerous position to be in….particularly when he begins to pass on messages around the tower…

This is a wonderful mix of fact and fantasy – enjoy it.

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