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Published by Macmillan

‘It’s better to be shaped by our kindness than our fears’

Two worlds separated by mirrors. Mirrors are strange things. Recently watching Flog It Trade Secrets (6 am M-F BBC 2) I was informed that you can check whether a mirror is old, by applying the tip of a pencil on it. If there is a little space between that and its mirror image, then it is an older piece. If they meet, it is a modern mirror. I haven’t tried this yet – and I have been wondering why this would be the case. Where is the reflection? What makes it? They are fascinating.

Of course there is the famous ‘mirror’ book by Lewis Carroll – Through the Looking Glass and what Alice found there, which was published in the 1871 a few years after Alice in Wonderland. This though, is a thoroughly modern story. 

This is the story of two towns. Wyse and the magical town of Unworld.

There’s a covenant between the two worlds, and people can move from one to the other, when invited.  Except some of these mirrors are failing, and are no longer portals. Things are changing and not for the better.

The book is full of somewhat eccentric characters, enchantments, skeletons, traitors and a book – a book that can foretell the future; sentient and full of opinions. Ava meets Howell, on the other side of a mirror, and they begin an adventure to find out about why the magical mirrors are no longer working.

This is a new title by Claire Fayers – she has written three others, but this is perhaps the darkest.  The cover doesn’t, I think reflect this – a book of evil doings if there ever was one…

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Published by Macmillan Publishing

This is a fun roller-coaster of an adventure. Three years before the story begins Brine was found floating in a rowing boat without knowing her name or where she came from. Since then she has been working for Tallis Magus – keeping the house clean, cooking, & washing his rather revolting socks whilst trying to avoid him and spending as much time in his library as she is able to do.

The third occupant of this house is Peter, a young fisherman’s son, who Tallis Magus is attempting to teach the rudiments of magic. So far he doesn’t show much potential.

When Tallis Magus plans to send Brine off to work with the island’s miser, to look after his house, incidentally much larger than his, and without a library, Brine is determined to do something about it. The fact that Peter too is about to have his life turned upside down (it is proposed that Peter should marry the daughter, who would then come and live with Tallis Magus), means that the two of them start to plan to escape together and this is the story of this rather buccaneering tale.

This is superb story of sunken galleons, treasure, evil and a most powerful magician, message carrying seagulls, (well you wouldn’t use pigeons at sea, would you?) a lovely ship’s cat and a plethora of other characters…

It is a tale of revenge…and contains, perhaps, the end of all stories…

Meanwhile do remember to buy a copy of this and sink yourself into a pirate-icle (I think I have just invented that word) adventure….