Published by Pushkin Children’s Books

I loved this. Comparatively there is very little good writing for this age group. Books that are well written with good plots, with or without illustrations for this genre seem to be lacking in quantity on our shelves. This though was superb – I loved it. Another foreign author (Lene Kaaberbol is Danish) being published in English by Pushkin Children’s Books (They also published Meet at the Ark at Eight / Hubb) – and again it is a brilliant tale.

Clara is badly scratched by a cat, and as a result suffers from cat-fever…and thus starts Clara’s new life as a Wildwitch, in a world that is both magical and dangerous…

This is a mystical, wonderful story about a reserved and quiet child caught up in something so much larger than she…

There are two other books in the series, but they don’t seem to be available over here yet. Pushkin really need to make sure that the later books are published quickly – once you read this one you will want to read the other two.

It is marvellous.