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Published by Allison and Busby

I enjoy reading books, which is pretty obvious. I also like buying them and owning my own copies; particularly special editions, books that have been well designed and are a pleasure to handle. Libraries are all very well – and fill one part of my book-mania, however, they don’t provide anything for the second; that of owning and holding my own copy.

This book then is about the antithesis of half of what I enjoy – the actual possession of books.

The Great Library, and those that work for the library work to ensure that all books are held in the library and, therefore, they control all the knowledge therein, and its dissemination.

It is against the law to have, to hold and to own your own copy.

Jess is the son of a black market book smuggler. His brother died for the cause. His father arranges for him to compete for a position in the library as his love of books is such that it seems to be overriding his father’s business ideals. He hopes that Jess will provide him with ‘opportunities’ to gather more books for his customers, some of whom are not as book friendly as you might hope…ink-lickers…and others…

A clever, and convoluted tale about something all readers care about – books, control, power, and bravery against an oppressive regime…

This is the first Rachel Caine volume I have read. It is also the first in a new YA/Teenage series from this author. I will wait for the second book in the series with interest.

Other books that she has written include the Morganville Vampires series, and the Weather Warden series.

Published by Harper Collins

This is atmospheric and touching. The story of a young girl found on one of the uninhabited Scilly Isles in 1915…

The war coloured everything and the recent sinking of the Lusitania was one of the darkest periods of the war for the British that exacerbated people’s uncertainties and worries.

This is a story of people, with their prejudices and fears so close to the surface, that their reactions to anything strange or different changed their usual perceptions and beliefs.

The friendship between Alfie and this young wounded piece of human flotsam develops beautifully through the book.

There is history mixed with a moving story of an almost mute child thrown literally into the maelstrom of war. The parallel story of the S.S. Schiller and how the islanders tried to help that stricken ship was not one I knew about, let alone the resulting order that was to provide an area of protection around the islands forty odd years later.

Michael Morpurgo is probably one of the most recognised authors of Children’s Fiction – I have read, War Horse, Private Peaceful amongst others. All of his books have poignancy – and this new paperback is similarly endowed.

Published by Chicken House

Whales, wild, evocative, extraordinary and emotive. This is a story of the sea, whales, secrets and people. The chances they take and the promises they make.

Set on the coast of Scotland Fraser lives with his younger brother, who hasn’t spoken for years. Hayley, a young American visitor is bored and irritated by the isolation the result of a decision by her mother. Fraser, Hayley and Dunny are thrown together when a body is found on the beach…

I would love to think that people such as gairmie exist, (though I hate the idea that they might have been used in the whaling industry in the past)… Perhaps they still do…

Published by Doubleday

Not yet Published at Time of going to Press – 1 October 2015

In some ways this is a study of humanity. The weeker side, the side that becomes entranced with power and all that goes with it. It is a story of a friendship torn apart by war, influence and circumstance – a tale of remorse.

It is around 10 years ago that The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas was published. That book had an enormous impact in the world of children’s publishing and with readers of all ages. This is in someways more intense and less of a fable.

Unless we have experienced, how are we to know how we would behave?

That though is something for each of us to wonder…

Published by Hot Key Books

Not yet published: 27th August 2015

This engrossing story covers everything. Including secrets, sexuality, conformity, bravery, revolution and protest in an intense and unforgettable intricate story of what might have been should the modern world be run by a Nazi state.

Jessika Keller follows the directives given by the government and her parents. She has never questioned them. Unthinking this talented girl’s interests revolve around her ice-skating and her family until she becomes best friend with Clementine Hart who doesn’t, isn’t and who questions everything.

This is not an easy book to read. Much of it is related in history and much of it still goes on today. A book with dark depths that will have readers thinking about the issues raised in it long after the book is closed.

It’s about friendship, and about whether you should do what is right, or what is safe…

It is a book of stature – a book of importance.

Published by Puffin

Not yet published at time of going to press – September 2015

This combines history, secrets, treachery, alchemy, chemistry, codes, adventure and friendship in a cornucopia of a story. It is truly a book to treasure and in which to submerge one-self. Christopher Rowe’s friends include his best friend Tom, Tom’s little sister young Molly and a pigeon, named Bridget who all try to help him when he becomes involved in trying to prevent a plot by anti-royalists not just to overthrow the king, but also to obtain the ultimate power…

To be published in September this year, I hope they keep the design of the cover of the proof, which is sumptuous – an extraordinary and superb volume – brilliant. It is quite in the old tradition of Puffin; well written, good plot and wonderful characters.

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