Published by Allison & Busby

I picked this up as I had finished my last Children’s book, and needed something to read on the journey home. Most will know that I don’t read many Adult books – I find that if I am to give an honest review and help our younger readers then I need to have read the books I suggest. Most of my customers are visiting the Children’s section – so I read mainly children’s books. I do though like a little bit of crime (usually of the ‘friendly’ variety, though I do like Janet Evanovich), some more classical volumes have stolen my heart (Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons, the short stories of Saki/HH Munro), & the odd bit of non-fiction too, also grace my shelves.

This is, I think the second in The Bradecote & Catchpoll mysteries. I haven’t read the first having only found this one in the proof piles at work. A nice mix of history and crime. I didn’t expect to be drawn into the descriptive passages as I have been.

He was quite young, perhaps only in his late twenties, but the stern demeanour aged him. He was tall, almost gangly, and the robe hung from him as though is body were the clapper of a bell. The ring of hair about his tonsure was very dark, and showed a tendency to wave, but looked as though such frivolity was frequently chastised by water and comb. The dark brows beetled over a finely chiselled face with hard grey eyes.

Its super – the plot is engaging, the deaths not too graphic, wonderful characters and I love the English. Set in 12th Century Worcester it feels accurate historically (I am no historian) – and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I shall be looking to see if we have Servant of Death on our shelves when I get back to work in a couple of days – and if its not there I will be ordering a copy. If it is – I shall be buying it and settling down another good read.

There is something about reading an ‘Adult’ book that always makes me feel a little guilty (I really should be reading more 9-12 / Teenage / 5-8) – however, I am enjoying this so much I am not feeling a even a little bit shame-faced.

After all – I think a 9-12 reader could read it and enjoy it, just as much as those who are a little older. So go out and buy this, but don’t, if you are buying books from Finchley Road O2 buy the last copy of Servant of Death (if it is in stock), until I have had a chance…I will have finished this one by the time I go back to work on Saturday…

Actually I think I might have circumvented any of you who might be thinking of buying our last copy – it seems we do have one in stock (so the Internet says), and so I have used technology and have Clicked and will Collect on Saturday – so there! You can’t have it (if they find it) – I have reserved it. Do though buy another copy – or order one. If it is as good as this – and there is no reason why it shouldn’t be – it will be worth every penny.