Published by Point Blank Books (an imprint of Oneworld Publications).

I like my crime to be what I refer to as ‘friendly’. More often than not the crime detailed in the story (always fiction, it can’t be ‘friendly’ crime if it is not), is murder. I am not one on the whole, for whom the deceased has been tortured before their death, for any reason. I enjoy Elizabeth George, the odd Agatha Christie, Stephen Booth, and have loved Janet Evanovitch’s Stephanie Plum volumes. Though those do have a strong line of violence. They are an exception, I find the humour of the books tempers the rather grim elements.

I first found out about Steve Burrows’ new series of books when I came across the title A Cast of Falcons, and investigated. I have had a love of raptors for many years (taking the opportunity to fly and hunt with them when I can) – and looked into this volume as a result. It isn’t published yet.

A Siege of Bitterns, however, was – so I bought it – just on the off-chance and it has been a brilliant read. This mixes the world of bird watching with classic murder, with subtle and wonderful twists. DI Domenic Jejeune has recently been transferred from London to Norfolk under the mixed blessing of being some sort of police star – however, whatever the success he has had in his past with his investigations or might have in the future hasn’t given him the joy that he has had from his knowledge and joy of watching birds.

The book is set in Norfolk and its descriptions of the landscapes has made me think I need 15710273486_a583316c81to visit the marsh lands and the area, as soon as possible. It is a heartfelt book – Steve Burrows joy of natural history is all pervading in this start of a wonderful series.

A Pitying of Doves is listed as coming soon on Oneworld Publications web site and I hope that A Cast of Falcons will follow soon after. If Steve Burrows had been resident in the UK, I would have contacted him, in the hope of arranging an event at my store. He lives in Canada (from where DI Jejeune originates) – which is a bit far I suppose. Never mind, I will I am sure enjoy the next book in the series, and am looking forward to its arrival.a20pitying20of20doves_9781780748979