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Published by Hodder.

Odds Fish!

This is a moving tale of friendship, wildlife, conservation, families, love and alcohol abuse. Its a tale of bravery – self belief and how friends can sometimes pull together to Nell Gwyn WKPDmake things right. It is also the story of imagination and  Nell Gwyn – a companion to King Charles II –  a fascinating character, of whom I knew a little, but now know so much more.

This is the story of a modern day Nell whose mother tries hard to be someone she can admire. To be the mother Nell needs, but things are not easy. Nell spends her days caring for her mum, hoping to trace her dad,  and nurturing any wildlife she comes across that need respite or care.

Her friend Michael lives nest door with his brother, aids and abets her – an inventor with wild and glorious ideas which means that at school he is often signing the punishment book, staying late for detention and generally getting into scraps. His brother is exasperated by him and can’t believe it when he finds that all his laces from his boots have been stolen away to be used in Michael’s latest invention – to help Nell feed all her small creatures.

There are too many children affected by their parent’s addiction to alcohol. This is a story for them, for those with whom they make contact, with whom they hopefully get help and understanding.

This is a story of hope.