Published by Scholastic

Not yet published at time of going to post: October 2015

Foxes; those often solitary looking characters that sometimes trot across our paths – their lives on the edge of the world of people.

Their world cut through by roads, hunting, tragedy and death often just a whisker of a moment away.

This is the start of a gloriously detailed trilogy.
An extraordinary story from the author of The Tygrine Cat and The Tygrine Cat on the Run that was published a few years ago.

Once again Inbali sinks the reader into another world, subtly enticing us down into the story whilst developing our senses as we become entranced with another species…

Isla, a young fox cub is suddenly alone and frantically searches for her family, initially finding tantalising wafts of their scent, which disappear as they did. It is a story of adventure written by one of the most descriptive authors. Written in the first person Isla’s tale is written with colour and sensitivity and you cannot help but follow her search to try to find her family once more.

It’s a magical story by an author who isn’t given the recognition she should.

The second and third volumes are due out in October 2016 and 2017 –