Published by Simon and Schuster

I haven’t got very far with this yet – but it is quite an extraordinary volume.

It is a brilliant piece of fantastic fiction and adventure that (so far) involves an evil ice queen, a young boy with his arctic fox cub, and a young girl frozen alive onto a musical box.

It is intriguing, well written and (so far), quite wonderful – It has all the elements to making this a very, very good story. At the moment I am at home writing this up, and outside it is cold, with rain/sleet – a day for snuggling down with a good book. Which I intend to do – with this one. Though I think I might put the fire on first.

‘…Flint found himself wondering whether birthplace, parentage and appearance were really the things that you should list people under. Somehow courage and loyalty seemed better markers.’

‘Belonging is not about knowing your tribe. Its about trusting people whatever their tribe.’

Read it – I know this is a ‘good one’.

Later…I seem to be savouring this volume – not finished yet – but it is a brilliant and a superb read. An absolute ‘must by’. Good thing Waterstones is making it the Children’s Book of the Month for January! Go out and buy a copy – and get another book in the promotion for half price (if cheaper than this), or get this one for half price, if the other is more…

Or just buy, borrow or beg a copy. It isn’t expensive. It’s a paperback and its good.