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Angels. I’m never quite sure what people mean by angels. Perhaps its the result of being agnostic – so I’m a little uncertain as to where they fit in the way of things, religiously or otherwise. I have never, though, thought about what might happen should they start to fall from the sky.

The idea that angels could fall out of the sky – and probably through it from wherever it is that angels reside, is a little disturbing, to say the least, even for someone who isn’t sure if they exist or not. It makes me wonder too about cherubs, and if angels could fall, could cherubs too? Would the falling angels materialise somewhere in the sky to drop, or would they fall from somewhere else?

There is no  mention of cherubs falling from the sky in this quite unique volume, just of angels, plummeting to the earth, with more often than not, fatal results. What happens to angels after death, would be another whole book in itself…

This book is about what happens when people become aware of these winged beings. Some like to collect the feathers, and converge on their bodies in the hope of gathering more, others join cults.  Some believe it is the beginning of the end of the world, and most people don’t believe the ‘beings’ have rights or are entities in their own right, that should be given the respect you might expect for someone who has just suffered such a traumatic event.

Jaya’s father is searching for the next ‘fall’ – trying to work out where  and when it might be. Jaya, though is still trying to work through the grief of her mother’s death, when she comes across a group of people who believe that these beings, these angels should be given the respect we generally reserve for people.

This is a thought provoking volume, which I must say probably accurately describes how people would react to such an event – which is to say, not very well. It is quite an extraordinary book with many layers about friendship, responsibility, bravery and loyalty…

They say you should never judge a book by its cover. You shouldn’t. This is a case in point.