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Published by Chicken House

This is one of the most extraordinary books I have ever read.

Another dystopian novel, this one set after the waters have risen. A group of people are left surviving – floating on the back of an enormous jelly fish. That in its turn seems to be farming them, throwing fish onto its mesoglea, so that they can survive. Protected somewhat from the elements, wind, sun and salt by the plastic that they have pulled from the sea to make a small shelter. They are on their own. The sea lapping at the edge of the jelly fish, dark shapes rising and falling beneath their feet.

In the distance they can see a small coastal village, nothing and no-one moves around the buildings and the fields above, apart from sheep high above the cliff and enormous crab like creatures, possibly the relations of those little crabs found in rock pools, are seen scuttling around the houses, large and formidable.

This is as I said quite the most peculiar book I have read, in a very long time. A quirky strange tale – almost a fable – and very different…a most extraordinary book…

Something to be read by the sea…

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Published by Bloomsbury

I think it was J.M. Barrie who had the idea that fairies are born from a baby’s first laugh. I’m not certain – he certainly had an idea of that sort. I  think it’s in Peter Pan…T. C. Shelley has taken this just one step further. If a baby’s first laugh makes fairies, then perhaps a monster might come from a person’s last sigh. The bigger the sigh, the more formidable the monster. Those with small regrets, begetting smaller monsters. Those who have greater qualms or misgivings creating larger…

What happens then, when a baby’s first laugh is mixed at the same moment with that of a last sigh?

So a monster that looks very similar to a boy – a human boy, but a boy with a monster’s sense of smell for one thing. An imp boy, perhaps it would be the best way to describe such a creature. A being so outwardly similar as to confuse humans into believing he is, just that, a small, rather dirty, ragamuffin of a boy…

This should by rights be read in some great cathedral – it should be read by the boys who attend those Choir Schools – you know the sort – that sing so stupendously at Christmas…a book of monsters, gargoyles and at least one angel…

This is wonderful – I’m only part way through this and I’m finding that I can’t get on with other things as a result.

It is out now – buy it.

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Published by Pushkin Press.

Two headed creatures with long investigating tongues…

The tongues explored Edwin’s legs slowly and carefully, peeling themselves away after each touch. They moved up to the hollows at the backs of his knees and then curled themselves around each knee, squeezing it tightly.

A baby kidnapped in the depths of the night.

A jealous sibling, furious and hurt.

Diets of raw and over-ripe food…

A dim world with little colour. Apart from shades of grey.

A people who have a taste for the unusual…especially at times of celebration…

This is a gloriously Gothic, but fun adventure.

A warning to those who think a pen-friend might be just what they want – they may get more than they bargain for.

I loved it – Edwin and Lanthorne are brilliant characters and Aunt Necra – well… I am glad she wasn’t an aunt of mine! I would love, though to have a tame snarghe – I suspect one would be a very useful addition to a household…

‘They can work things out. Good boy.’

One of the heads stopped snarling and fixed Lanthorne with an unfriendly stare.

‘ Good girl, too. Good boy and girl.’

The two heads went back to snarling…

Due to be published October 2019 – just in time for Halloween.

Place your orders now.